Making an application under the FOI Act

If you wish to apply for access to one or more documents under the FOI Act, your application must:

  1. be in writing (note, there is no special form);
  2. state that it is a request made under the FOI Act;
  3. contain a sufficient description of the document/s you are seeking, so that the Tribunal can readily identify them;
  4. give details of how notices under the FOI Act may be sent to you (e.g. by providing a postal or electronic address); and
  5. be posted, delivered or emailed to the Tribunal.

Note: Charges may be imposed for the time spent in searching for and retrieving relevant documents, decision-making time, photocopying and postage. Access to a document may be refused if the document is within an exception (e.g. the document is available to the public for a fee or other charge) or exemption specified in the FOI Act.

Post your application to:

  • The FOI Officer
    Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
    Locked Bag 3060
  • Or send to email address